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Decolonial Pedagogies

Decolonial education, according to Walter Mignolo, is an expression of the changing geopolitics of knowledge whereby the modern epistemological framework for knowing and understanding the world is no longer interpreted as universal and unbound by geohistorical and bio-graphical contexts. “I think therefore I am” becomes “I am where I think” in the body and geo-politics of the modern world system (Adapted from Baker, “Decolonial Education: Meanings, Contexts, and Possibilities”).

Favorite Texts:

Ching and Agbayani, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Higher Education: Research and Perspectives on Identity, Leadership, and Success

Museus, Agbayani, and Ching, Focusing on the Underserved: Immigrant, Refugee, and Indigenous Asian American and Pacific Islanders in Higher Education


The following presentations were designed for professional development at Washington State University. For information on how to use these materials, please contact us.

Triana, “Decolonial Pedagogies”

Velasco, “Teacher Ethos and Decolonial Pedagogy” 

Velasco, “CLASP Communicating with Difficult People”


University of Manitoba, “Decolonizing the University: What Can We Do?” 

Carson/TEDxUAlberta, “Pedagogy of the Decolonizing”